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Black Belt Wiki is a free martial arts wiki. We will help you with Shotokan Kata, Taekwondo Forms, Kicks, Punches, Grappling, Aikido, Goju-Ryu, Krav Maga, Bo Staff, Kyokushin, Judo, Terminology, etc. You can also learn about different martial arts styles. This wiki will also improve your martial arts agility, balance, conditioning, flexibility, speed, etc. Please help others by adding info to this wiki. Page Date - 25 May 2018 13:27

FYI - We will be transferring to a new software platform this summer (in order to be better viewed on mobile devices, etc). We apologize for any disruptions!! Things are going a little slower than expected but we hope to be fully converted by the end of August.

FYI - The Black Black Wiki Community section of this website has been closed. We don't know when or if the section will be reopened.

Black Belt Wiki Community FAQ

This page provides answers to frequent questions about the Black Belt Wiki Community section. This is a new martial arts social network where members can submit questions, discuss techniques & katas, post videos and much more. We hope this community will help martial artists and martial arts enthusiasts to share ideas, learn different techniques and make new friends.

What are the main rules for this community?

Be civil, respect other martial arts styles and no spam! Basically, treat others how you would like to be treated. You can disagree with a statement but do not attack the intelligence of the poster, etc. Violators will be banned. FYI - Angry, belligerent posts are a quick way to get yourself banned.

We want to maintain a martial arts community where people can learn from each other in a fun & good-natured environment. Actions that harm a member's ability to ask questions and/or disrupt the open & friendly community atmosphere will not be tolerated.

Black Belt Wiki and its community section are focused on traditional martial arts training. Any advocacy for firearms, illegal weapons, violent behavior, etc. is not permitted.

Please also don't copy material from other websites. Internet etiquette allows you to copy one or two sentences to illustrate a point but you must also add a link to the website where you found the material. Copying several paragraphs is seen as copy infringement.

Posting Delays - Why isn't my post up yet?

If you post a new topic, it needs to be approved by a moderator. Therefore, there can be delays before it is posted "live" on the community. Generally, we approve things pretty quickly. However, things can be delayed in the middle of the day (as we have day jobs) or at night (when we are asleep). The approval process is to prevent someone spamming the community.

Why wasn't my post published?

All posts must be approved by the wiki administrators and its moderators. There are two possibilities - either it has not been reviewed yet (and will be published once it is reviewed) or the administrators/moderators did not feel it was appropriate for the community.

On your personal blog or website, you can post whatever you like. On our wiki and community, we decide what can or can not be posted. In addition, "marketing" posts (i.e. promoting your new self-defense class or a link to your blog) are not likely to be approved. See below for more details.

What name can I use for my community profile?

You can use your own name, nickname or a pseudonym (i.e. Karate Joe). However, please do not use anything that includes black belt wiki, wiki community, etc. Having a misleading profile name will get new members banned.

Why can I vote an article up or down?

This allows members to promote a great article or video. The best articles & videos are thus voted by the community onto the "Top Rated" section. Inaccurate and/or low quality articles & videos should be voted down. This will help us to identify and eliminate inappropriate messages or spam.

How do I get people to read my posts?

First, you should add a detailed and informative headline/title to your post. For example, "How do you do a spinning hook kick?" is much better than "kick question". Then you should put detailed information in the post so readers will understand your question or subject matter. A post with little text or information is unlikely to be commented on or voted higher by readers. If you can, please try to add "martial arts" or your style (i.e. Karate) in the title so martial artists on the internet can find it (i.e. "What is your favorite martial arts movie?" or "How do you do a Shotokan Karate kihon?").

What happens if I do not post but just want to read the commentary?

Anyone can read the commentary on the Black Belt Wiki Community. We want everyone to learn from the conversations taking place on this martial arts social network. However, if you want to post a question or leave a response to a message, you need to be a community member. However, if you are a new member and do not post at least occasionally, you are liable to have your account deleted for inactivity after a couple of months.

How do I post a new topic or video?

Click on the “Post Something” button (top right of community page) in order to post a new topic (i.e. question) or video. On the left of the box that appears, you will see options for either a topic or video.

If you want to post a video. click on the video option and then add the URL of the Youtube video that you are trying to highlight.

To add commentary to a topic or video, please use the “Post Comment” box found at the bottom of the topic or video.

Can I edit my replies?

You have 30 minutes to make a change to one of your replies (i.e. correct a spelling error) to a main message/question. Look for the "edit" link at the bottom of your reply.

If you post a main message/question with the "Post Something" button, you can edit it up to 24 hours later (after which you can not make any changes)

Why can’t I post a picture?

At the moment, in order to avoid the posting of copyright protected photos, we are not enabling these types of posts.

What do I click on in order to read a community article?

Click on either the title of the article/video or the comments links.

How can I add a picture to my community profile?

Click on the top right button with membership name. You will see a list of options. Click on “Setting” and you will be taken to a page where you can add a profile picture, website link, “About Me” description, etc.

Can I post a link to my school or to a new course offered at my school?

On the main community pages, please do not post articles about a new program offered at your school or links to your school. These will be deleted as spam. Repeated violations will cause you to be banned.

However, in your member profile, you can post the name of your school and a link back to your school website. You can also post additional information (i.e. school description, details about the upcoming launch of your new martial arts book, etc.) in the "Additional Information" section of your profile. All that we ask is that new members do not abuse these sections and post spam, obscenities, affiliate links, etc. Remember the "community rules" that govern this site in order to avoid any problems. This is a stopgap measure until our software company upgrades the member profile section. However, it should help you to promote your blogs and/or martial arts schools. Every time that you post on the community, people are likely to check out your member profile and thus learn about your blog/school, etc.

This community is geared towards martial arts discussions & the sharing of ideas… not promoting the programs of a single school. FYI - It is a much effective use of your time (and ours) to announce new classes or schedule changes on your own website or Facebook account.

Can I post links to my blog?

In your member profile, you can add information about your blog and a link to your blog. FYI - People like to read the profiles of active members… and thus they will learn about your blog.

In addition, we will add information about the blogs of active members to the wiki's martial arts blog directory.

However, please do not post numerous links to your blog articles on the main discussion & reply threads (as this is seen as spamming the wiki community). These links will be deleted. Repeated violations will cause you to be banned.

What are "categories"? How do I add a post to a category?

You can add your post to a specific category (i.e. Karate or Taekwondo) in order to help readers find your message. When you post a message or video, you will find a category option at the bottom of the posting system. Pick the one that best fits your message/video "theme".

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