Ippon Ken - Karate Striking Technique

Ippon Ken - Karate Striking Technique

Ippon Ken is a Karate striking technique that uses the extended knuckle of the forefinger (index finger) in order to strike a target. For greater details, pictures and to see how this technique is used by other martial arts, please visit the Extended Index Knuckle Punch section.

Instructions for Technique

  • Ippon Ken is a very good technique to strike at nerve points and it is included in Hangestu Kata.
  • It is acheived quite simply by protruding your first finger slightly, so the joint pokes out of the fist. You do not point your finger out but just the joint.
  • You will strike the target with just the point. Therefore, it can take some conditioning of the hands in order to this strike without injuring your finger.
  • You can strike anywhere on your opponent's body with the Ippon Ken. However, given Ippon Ken's narrow striking surface, it is more effective when targeting small nerve points.

Reference Sources

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